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27 Nov. 2023 - 1:09 UTC
Take a step back in time through these vintage photos capturing Dublin in its old-time glory. Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Dublin was in the midst of change. These photos? They freeze [...]
24 Nov. 2023 - 19:08 UTC
Ann-Margret Olsson, famously known as Ann-Margret, emerged as a megastar of the silver screen with an unmistakable blend of talent, charisma, and beauty. Born in Sweden and raised in the United [...]
20 Nov. 2023 - 19:33 UTC
In the swinging 1960s, the motto for hair was crystal clear: “Go big or go home!” Celebrities like Dolly Parton, Priscilla Presley, and Brigitte Bardot rocked those larger-than-life [...]
16 Nov. 2023 - 21:16 UTC
In the early 1900s, when traditions held tight, a different kind of adventure was roaring to life: women on motorcycles. These vintage photos aren’t just snapshots; they’re windows into a [...]
13 Nov. 2023 - 21:05 UTC
The 1980s was a time of strange music and odd fashion, but it was also a period of innovation for many car companies. In this article, we’re looking back at some of the great cars from the [...]
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27 Nov. 2023 - 21:28 UTC
Interiors, Sergio Ceccotti
27 Nov. 2023 - 21:21 UTC
I’m at the airport - The New Yorker, Drew Dernavich
27 Nov. 2023 - 19:42 UTC
Jon Klassen
27 Nov. 2023 - 19:38 UTC
Geoff McFetridge (because)
27 Nov. 2023 - 14:29 UTC
The last days of disco, Larry Fink (RIP)
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27 Nov. 2023 - 14:00 UTC
Karabo Mooki                                                     [...]
24 Nov. 2023 - 14:00 UTC
Manshen Lo                                                     [...]
22 Nov. 2023 - 14:00 UTC
New York City-based photographer Casey Steffens I am a photographer from Upstate NY, now based in NYC. I’ve been able to work on some personal projects over the last couple years with one taking [...]
20 Nov. 2023 - 14:00 UTC
Sue Palmer Stone                                                     [...]
17 Nov. 2023 - 14:00 UTC
Winni Wintermeyer                                                     [...]
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27 Nov. 2023 - 18:39 UTC
The spectacular aurora borealis, or the “northern lights,” over Canada is sighted from the space station near the highest point of its orbital path. The station’s main solar arrays are seen in [...]
24 Nov. 2023 - 19:58 UTC
A disk of hot gas swirls around a black hole in this illustration from Dec. 20, 2022. A long stream of hot gas on the right, coming from a star that was pulled apart by the black hole, feeds into the [...]
22 Nov. 2023 - 16:21 UTC
NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins (left) and Rick Mastracchio, both Expedition 38 flight engineers, pose for a photo with a Thanksgiving meal in the Unity node of the International Space Station.
21 Nov. 2023 - 17:23 UTC
NASA astronaut and Expedition 68 flight engineer Nicole Mann is pictured during a fit check of her spacesuit ahead of a planned spacewalk to upgrade the International Space Station's power generation [...]
20 Nov. 2023 - 18:03 UTC
The NIRCam (Near-Infrared Camera) instrument on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s reveals a portion of the Milky Way’s dense core in a new light. An estimated 500,000 stars shine in this [...]
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27 Nov. 2023 - 19:05 UTC
  The 15th-century Italian herbalist could consult the illustrated Erbario and thereby know the latest medieval conventions, sometimes depicted in water colour with fantastic elements such as [...]
23 Nov. 2023 - 20:51 UTC
Siouxsie and the Banshees toured Japan playing three gigs in Tokyo late-March, early-April 1982. The band had recently released their fourth album Juju (1981) and were working on their fifth A Kiss [...]
21 Nov. 2023 - 21:07 UTC
“In the Roundhouse, the UFO, and the Middle Earth Club in London everyone seems to get it, and it’s as if we are all in on the same joke” – Andy Summer on London’s UFO Club [...]
19 Nov. 2023 - 12:32 UTC
  In the mid-1970s, Rich Allen began taking pictures of children playing truant and messing about in the empty lot a New York City’s 76 E. 3rd St. The Hell’s Angels lived directly across [...]
18 Nov. 2023 - 13:15 UTC
“A new civilization, a new science, new needs, new materials required new forms.” – Robert Mallet-Stevens     In 1924, French architect and designer Robert Mallet-Stevens (March [...]
Famous, Infamous and Iconic Photos
5 Nov. 2023 - 8:21 UTC
A brief update as I don’t post here anymore, and moved my blogging to a new page: In the 1940s, Ladies Home Journal ran two great photo essay series. One was “How America Lives” which looked at [...]
23 Oct. 2023 - 14:53 UTC
Hi all,  A brief mid-month update as I don’t post here anymore, and moved my blogging to a new page. Go here to subscribe: Recent Posts I have been on [...]
15 Oct. 2023 - 16:11 UTC
For the time being, I have decided to migrate the blog to I was not able to transfer subscriber list from here (some sort of error in plugin). If you are subscribed here, I [...]
11 Oct. 2023 - 8:41 UTC
For the time being, I have decided to migrate the blog to Transferring domain from WordPress hosting has been a plain (partly because of the size of the blog, and partly [...]
26 Sep. 2023 - 9:15 UTC
This photo is presumed to illustrate Britain’s class divide — but does it really tell the whole story? . ‘Toffs And Toughs’ the picture was called. The five boys who came to [...]
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22 Nov. 2023 - 17:07 UTC
The Allies’ first land campaign in the Pacific during World War II took place at Guadalcanal. The siege, led by U.S. Marines but involving every branch of the military, began on Aug. 7, 1942 [...]
17 Nov. 2023 - 16:40 UTC
Miami was for LIFE, like it was for many American vacationers, a place to return to again and again. Sometimes LIFE photographers went to Miami because they were following the stars. It was a place [...]
14 Nov. 2023 - 20:02 UTC
In 1961 LIFE magazine decided to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Pearl Harbor by focussing not on how it changed the world, but how it altered the life of one man. Harold Lumbert was a civilian [...]
10 Nov. 2023 - 15:08 UTC
The 1950s and ’60s are the decades in which the suburbs really took off as a feature of the American landscape. So LIFE was catching the early part of the wave In 1949 when it devoted 11 [...]
7 Nov. 2023 - 21:37 UTC
In 1967 LIFE photographer Mark Kauffman followed Paul Newman around for what turned out to be the the cover story of the Oct. 18, 1968 issue. The occasion of the story was the release of Rachel, [...]
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27 Nov. 2023 - 21:43 UTC
Leon Keer is a Dutch artist who transforms flat surfaces into amazing 3D murals and street art. He uses perspective and optical illusions to make his artworks look realistic and immersive from a [...]
27 Nov. 2023 - 21:01 UTC
Rasmus Hjortshøj/Instagram Sambuichi transforms the Cisternerne into a light and shadow sanctuary, inviting visitors to an underground journey. The installation, photographed by Rasmus [...]
27 Nov. 2023 - 19:37 UTC
With pencil on paper, talented British artist Steph Morris creates amazing realistic drawings of iconic sneakers. She combines her love for shoes with her precise drawing skills, and turns these [...]
26 Nov. 2023 - 19:39 UTC
Mario De Meyer is a freelance graphic designer based in Ghent/Belgium who specializes in typography. He works on diverse projects from all over the world and has collaborated with clients like Adobe, [...]
26 Nov. 2023 - 19:25 UTC
Photography is an art that captures moments in time, and the 2023 International Photography Awards (IPA) has showcased some of the most stunning nature images that touch the heart and reveal the [...]
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27 Nov. 2023 - 16:38 UTC
27 Nov. 2023 - 13:20 UTC
#photography“Corals at Night” by Nicolas Marin Benitez
27 Nov. 2023 - 13:19 UTC
#photographyPink Planet, Fayz Kha, Kenya
26 Nov. 2023 - 10:58 UTC
#photographyKids of Banna tribe in Ethiopia playing on wooden stilts WAVRIK
24 Nov. 2023 - 12:17 UTC
#designThe McLaren M6GT 'Plain Body' (Image credit: INK)
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27 Nov. 2023 - 0:00 UTC
Following in the footsteps of Monet and Van Gogh, Abelardo Morell took his DIY tent camera to the fabled French landscapes of Giverny and Arles in search of a new view.
21 Nov. 2023 - 0:00 UTC
Collecting photos from her daily life, the Internet, newspapers, and free image libraries, Swiss photographer Florence Iff amalgamates vast webs of organisms, structures, and scenes into a portrait [...]
20 Nov. 2023 - 0:00 UTC
Bringing the myths of her native region of Bavaria into an enigmatic visual reality, Elena Helfrecht has built a photographic ritual she enacts every year around winter solstice.
18 Nov. 2023 - 0:00 UTC
In the quiet, lonely hours of dawn, Dave Coyle faces his personal struggle while plotting a path towards the future in atmospheric meditations on the landscape of the Pacific Northwest.
14 Nov. 2023 - 0:00 UTC
Nazraeli Press has published work by Alec Soth, Marilyn Minter, Daido Moriyama, and many others. We sat down with Nazraeli’s founder and publisher to learn more about the photobook world.