6 Sep. 2023 - 9:10 UTC
A guest blog from our Summer placement students Janice Wu and Ying Luo Janice and Ying at work preparing some mollusc shells for digitisation The digitisation team started a mass approach to [...]
22 Jun. 2023 - 7:08 UTC
National Insect Week blog by Louise Berridge Rev. Alfred Edwin Eaton (1844-1929) – photograph reproduced with permission,from the collection of the Royal Entomological Society Most of the [...]
1 Jun. 2023 - 15:02 UTC
If we want to create advocates for the planet and meet our mission of galvanising a movement of millions around the planet to speak up and act for nature, then we need to be the most inclusive Museum [...]
1 Jun. 2023 - 14:08 UTC
Find out how our new pond will help the wildlife in the Museum gardens to thrive. Continue reading Our new pond is now ready for nature to move in at Blogs from the Natural History Museum.
25 Apr. 2023 - 16:07 UTC
This blog is guest-written by Ameyalli Rios Vázquez from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, a collaborator with the Museum on the Big Seaweed Search Mexico project. After an amazing two [...]
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20 Nov. 2023 - 17:59 UTC
CHM honors its 2023 Fellows at the annual award ceremony. Learn more about new inductees Rodney Brooks, Thomas Kurtz, and Barbara Liskov. The post 2023 Fellow Award Ceremony appeared first on CHM.
14 Nov. 2023 - 21:20 UTC
Senior Curator Dag Spicer assesses the state of quantum computing on the occasion of Infineon's recent donation to CHM of an ion trapping quantum processor prototype. The post Quantum Leap appeared [...]
10 Nov. 2023 - 17:36 UTC
Can AI be a partner with the power to unlock humanity's full potential? Reid Hoffman, cofounder of Inflection AI and former board member of OpenAI, shared his insights and hopes for the future. The [...]
22 Aug. 2023 - 15:45 UTC
CHM remembers John Warnock, Adobe cofounder, who passed away on August 19, 2023. The post In Memoriam: John Warnock (1940–2023) appeared first on CHM.
3 Jul. 2023 - 16:25 UTC
What exactly is the future of news in our data-driven world? Journalists, experts, and news innovators offer some surprising answers. The post Tech and the Future of News appeared first on CHM.
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24 Nov. 2023 - 9:00 UTC
Only one month to go until Christmas! If you’re looking for inspiration, our online shop is packed full of stellar gifts for everyone. The post Science Museum Christmas Gift Guide appeared first on [...]
23 Nov. 2023 - 15:55 UTC
When you walk up Exhibition Road towards Hyde Park, passing by the shrapnel pocked façade of the Victoria and Albert Museum, to the west you will see a small road that appears to end in an ornate [...]
22 Nov. 2023 - 12:07 UTC
With one of the Doctor's most feared enemies appearing in a new, free display at the Science Museum, curator Dr. Glyn Morgan looks at how the show continues to inspire fan devotion and [...]
17 Nov. 2023 - 9:00 UTC
Conservation Assistant Beth Potts explores how an important part of conservation involves staring down a microscope at insects and other bugs. The post Creepy crawlies in the museum appeared first on [...]
7 Nov. 2023 - 12:55 UTC
On Tuesday 7 November we revealed a large-scale virtual model of a human heart in the Engineers gallery. The post Virtual Heart: A new simulation revealed appeared first on Science Museum Blog.
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The post Friends and Family Photo Studio Payment appeared first on Carnegie Museum of Art.
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The post Friends and Family Photo Studio — November 12 appeared first on Carnegie Museum of Art.
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The post Friends and Family Photo Studio — November 4 appeared first on Carnegie Museum of Art.
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The post Friends and Family Photo Studio — November 5 appeared first on Carnegie Museum of Art.
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