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30 May. 2023
The Hebrew-language edition of Abigail Shrier's book, decried as 'transphobic propaganda,' has been slammed for importing a U.S. conservative culture war. The post ‘Murderous bigotry’: [...]
30 May. 2023
The Israeli right has co-opted Rabin's slogan 'without a High Court and B'Tselem' to undermine those institutions — but for a different purpose. The post With NGO assault, Israel drops its fig leaf [...]
29 May. 2023
From terror threat to peace hopes, Israeli views of the Palestinian flag have undergone many shifts over the decades. Now, attempts to outlaw it are back. The post The long history of Israel’s [...]
28 May. 2023
Archeologists criticized the participation of two Ariel University scholars at the international event, citing illegality of excavations on occupied territory. The post After backlash, conference [...]
27 May. 2023
By failing to push back on problematic definitions of antisemitism, the White House is missing a golden opportunity in the fight against hate. The post Biden’s antisemitism strategy gets a lot [...]
25 May. 2023
Twenty-seven Palestinian families made the devastating decision to leave their homes in 'Ein Samia, hounded out by Israeli settlers and army pressure. The post Under settler terror, Palestinians tear [...]
24 May. 2023
Left-wing high schoolers describe how the anti-government protests have provided a window for the mainstreaming of views long deemed illegitimate. The post These Israeli youth are burning their [...]
24 May. 2023
An accord between Riyadh and Tehran could stymie regional polarization and normalization with Israel. Will Palestinian leaders take advantage of it? The post What will Saudi-Iran rapprochement mean [...]
23 May. 2023
The collapse of any logic in Israel's Gaza policy has become accepted without a shred of discomfort, rendering the yearly bloodletting an act of fate. The post A ritual of violence that Israelis have [...]
22 May. 2023
Cancelling an event with Ben Gvir does not make up for a history of European interests that give Israel the green light to carry on with its illegal policies. The post Avoiding an Israeli fascist [...]