The MIT Press Reader

29 May. 2023

An excerpt from François Caradec’s book “Dictionary of Gestures.”

22 May. 2023

As an object, “TV Bra” perfectly encapsulates Paik’s artistic goals, Moorman’s brilliance as a performer, their personal history, and its cultural context.

17 May. 2023

The quantification of bodies, senses, and experience did not begin with surveillance capitalism but can be traced back to mathematical and statistical techniques of the 19th century.

15 May. 2023

Twenty-five years before our era of fake news and celebrity pseudoscience, the star actor teamed up with Montel Williams to promote an unfounded conspiracy.

11 May. 2023

Bonnie Marranca, the longtime editor of PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, speaks with the legendary performer, visual artist, composer, poet, and filmmaker.

8 May. 2023

A track record of successful progressive investments has been refracted through decades of bad data, bad statistics, bad analysis, and propaganda.

4 May. 2023

Sociologist Madison Van Oort offers a firsthand account of retail worker surveillance and resistance in the fast fashion industry.

1 May. 2023

Barbara Mazzolai’s roboplants could analyze and enrich soil, search for water and other chemicals, or even be used to grow infrastructure from scratch.

27 Apr. 2023

For immigrants, linking citizenship to using up one’s body and mind exerts an additional pressure to downplay damage and push through pain.

24 Apr. 2023

“Usually, those who do seem to understand the essence of the house begin to behave a little strangely, as if they were under its spell.”

20 Apr. 2023

Despite the dangers, secret communication is at the heart of espionage operations and essential for spy work.

17 Apr. 2023

When we view objectivity and subjectivity as opposites rather than complements, we distort the empirical realities of data collection.

13 Apr. 2023

The nature that Mussolini and other fascists love and admire is one that is created by the regime and subjugated to its design.

11 Apr. 2023

“Blockchain technology is a tiny crack, a tiny shifting of the ass cheeks of capital, it’s a moment of potential for a temporary autonomous zone.”

6 Apr. 2023

From the marginalia of ancient tomes to the cupboards of cunning craft cottages, the toad is a living sigil found the world over as an icon of magical thinking, enchantment, and sorcery.

3 Apr. 2023

Rhythm plays an important role in how we perceive — and connect with — the world.

30 Mar. 2023

A new book takes an inspiring look at wildlife species that are defying the odds and teaching important lessons about how to share a planet.

27 Mar. 2023

An excerpt from “Dreaming as Delirium: How the Brain Goes Out of Its Mind.”

23 Mar. 2023

Pain is integral to the structure of the Japanese language, and related to the particularity of local building design practices.

20 Mar. 2023

How do organisms that are so sedentary end up being so incredibly widely dispersed?